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Meet Our New Pastor!: News

Passionate Pastor

Called to the creative person 

Everybody has some creativity in them. Pastor Gwen tells it like it is! Becoming free is not always just a flick of the switch because the enemy wants to keep people entangled with deception and lies. But the truth of God's Word sets us free to live great lives. People, creative or not are open to doing things in different ways and sometimes those ways lead us down a road designed to snares us and keep us bound. Pastor Gwen allows the Holy Spirit to lead her to bring the liberating message of Jesus Christ with prayer, love and an understanding heart.

Committed to Family

Pastor Gwen has just celebrated the 46th anniversary of being married to John M. Henry Jr. She is the mother of 5 children and grandmother of 12 grandchildren to date.

Meet Our New Pastor!: Welcome

Pastor Gwen is a screenwriter, novelist, and playwright.

Having matriculated from Full Sail University, she holds MFA in creative writing and has written several books and papers and stories that help tell the story of life. Her stories show possible outcomes that upon watching or reading them, stimulate passionate discussions that can lead to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. And sometimes she plays the guitar.

Recently God has also called Pastor Gwen as a deliverance and dream coach. Helping believers to get free, fulfill their dream, and enjoy their lives.

Meet Our New Pastor!: Welcome
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